Our Project Team

Dr. Arlene Daus-Magbual, Director

Arlene Daus-Magbual, Ed.D.
Director, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AA&PI) Student Services
Division of Equity and Community Inclusion
Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
Office: Village C 141
Phone: (415) 405-4441​
Email: amianan@sfsu.edu


Levalasi Loi-On

Levalasi Loi-On, M.A.
AA&PI Student Success Coordinator
Asian American & Pacific Islander Student Services
Division of Equity & Community Inclusion
Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
Office: Village C 141
Phone: (415) 405-4441​
Email: levalasi@sfsu.edu


Jada Quidachay
ASPIRE Peer Mentor
Email: jquidach@mail.sfsu.edu

Jada is a 4th year student majoring in Business Management with plans to minor in Critical Pacific Islands and Oceania Studies. She identifies as Chamorro and Filipino and considers her hometown to be San Diego. In her time outside of ASPIRE she is also involved in the Pacific Islanders’ Club and plays rugby with USF.

Alexandria Savea-Lopez
ASPIRE Peer Mentor
Email: ssavealopez@mail.sfsu.edu

Alexandria Savea Lopez is currently a fourth year student at SFSU. She is majoring In English Education and minoring in Critical Pacific Islands and Oceania Studies.


Jee Soo Kang
ASPIRE Peer Mentor
Email: jkang6@mail.sfsu.edu

Jee Soo (She/her/hers) is a 1.5 Korean American immigrant from Tongva land/LA county. She is a 2nd year MA candidate in Asian American Studies and is excited to be a part of ASPIRE! 

Emmy Power
ASPIRE Peer Mentor
Email: epower1@mail.sfsu.edu

My name is Emahlia Power (I prefer to go by Emmy), and I use she her pronouns. I'm a third year undergraduate student studying Communications and Asian American studies. I'm from the Central Valley, so a lot of my free time is spent still getting to know the Bay Area. I'm excited to be apart of the ASPIRE 2020-2021 team!



C.K. Speers
ASPIRE Peer Mentor
Email: sspeers@mail.sfsu.edu

Shelby Chan Kwong (C.K.) was born in Oakland, CA and grew up in the East Bay. As a peer mentor, they want to ensure that new students and old students have a community to learn and grow with.

Cassie Abregana-Reyes
ASPIRE Peer Mentor
Email: cabreganareyes@mail.sfsu.edu

Cassie is a first generation San Francisco native. She is a third year student majoring in Asian American Studies and in her free time she enjoys writing music and poetry.

Allyza Clarin
ASPIRE Peer Mentor
Email: aclarin1@mail.sfsu.edu

Allyza is a Filipinx third year psychology student from the San Fernando Valley, who also is minoring in Asian American Studies. During her free time she enjoys going out on food adventures and appreciates relaxing at home.

Timothy Bautista
ASPIRE Peer Mentor
Email: tbautista@mail.sfsu.edu

Tim is a first generation Filipino hailing from Quezon City, Philippines. He moved to SF from the small town of Diamond bar and can be seen around campus either in the ASPIRE or PACE office respectively located in Village C 141 and the Cesar Chavez Student Center. If he’s not there, he’s probably out hooning.

Alauna Torres
ASPIRE Peer Mentor
Email: atorres25@mail.sfsu.edu


Arneson Sambile
ASPIRE Peer Mentor
Email: asambile@mail.sfsu.edu

Arneson is currently a student majoring in Sociology and Asian American Studies. Originally from San Diego, California he transferred to SFSU from Miramar & Mesa College.

Grace Worley
ASPIRE Peer Mentor


La Raine Gonzalez
ASPIRE Peer Mentor

Hello, my name is La Raine Gonzalez , I use she/they pronouns, and I'm currently a junior majoring in Asian American Studies and minoring in Education. Pasig city born and raised, moved to the States in 2016, and now I am an organizer based in San Francisco/Los Angeles who aims to wholeheartedly serve the community and loves BTS :)


Grace Yoo, Ph.D., MPH

Gwen Agustin-Nodora, Ed.D.
Educational Psychologist 

Counseling and Psychological Services 
Phone: (415) 338-2208
Email: gagustin@sfsu.edu


Luoluo Hong, Ph.D., MPH

Luoluo Hong, Ph.D., MPH
Co-Principal Investigator
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, CSU Chancellor's Office
Phone: (562) 951-4000
Email: lhong@calstate.edu



Grace Yoo, Ph.D., MPH

Grace Yoo, Ph.D., MPH
Project Director and Principal Investigator
Professor, Asian American Studies
First Year Experience Faculty Director
Phone: (415) 338-3891
Email: gracey@sfsu.edu